Etind ElectroTech Industries About Us

Etind ElectroTech About Us

Welcome to Electro Tech Industries

Electro Tech Industries are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Corona Treating Systemunder the brand name of FILMTREAT. Started this organization in the year 1992 and since then have developed Treaters for various applications like films, Foil, Woven sack, Paper, Textile etc. These Treaters have been installed and functioning on many Indian and overseas installations. We enclose a list of installations in India and overseas.

We at Electro Tech Industries have earned our leadership position in this fast-moving industry by constantly innovating and refining the technology involved in the corona treating system.

"We have been selected for WQC International Star Award in the Gold Category, Paris 2001 for our commitment to quality in our product."

We are market driven as a formidable treatment solution manufacturer. We are recognized for working with customers to satisfy their unique treatment solution needs and for delivering high quality, innovative products and exceptional service.

We have resources, experience and technology to deliver the best corona treating system for virtually any surface adhesion challenge and a commitment to customer service and technical support that will keep it operating of peak efficiency for years to come.

In 1992, we introduced our first solid state treater. After years of reliable service in hundreds of installation, these proven system innovations still lead the industry in performance & versatility. Today we offer 3 different power supply product lines with output ratings from 500 watts to 15 kW, optimized for low cost, compact size and high performance for applications which demand a rich feature system.

Product Range

Corona Treater is widely used plastic packaging industries for increasing surface tension of plastic films before printing and lamination.

On a multilayer blown film Extruder it is necessary that you achieve a minimum of 42 dynes surface energy. If the material is stored for a longer period before sending it for printing/Lamination, you will require a much higher level of treatment, sometimes up to 48 dynes. This can be achieved through our multiple fin-segmented electrodes. We assure a trouble free performance of the treater, with necessary dynes level required for a multiplayer film. The corona treater are equipped with IGBT Switching, Zero speed cut off, , Pneumatic opening/closing of the treater, hooter signal upon web breakdown, Ozone extraction system, Closed electrode system for safety, Segmented electrodes for localized treatment and so on. The treaters are also powder coated for better aesthetics.

Our product range are Bare Roller Treater ( for Aluminium Foil / conductive films Corona Treatment with Ceramic Electrodes ) , Narrow Web Treater , Corona Treater Machine and Corona Treater Systems for Blown Film Extrusion Plants for Monolayer and High Speed Multilayer plants, On-Line Corona Treater for Rotogravure / Flexo-printing machines, Woven Sack Roll Printing, and serving different industries.

Industry Served

Our latest system designs meet the ever-increasing need for higher and more consistent dyne level on wide variety of applications like High Speed Multilayer Blown Film Plants, On Line Flexoprinting machine for woven sack rolls. Extrusion Lamination Plant for Aluminium Foil and Paper, Sheet Line Plants, PVDC coating on PVC film plant for pharmaceutical applications.

Why Us?

We hold a long experience of 25 years in this rapidly growing industry and since our incorporation we have managed to gain a great amount of knowledge of various production techniques used in the industry. Our brand consistently offers the market with innovative and finely designed Treatment solutions. Our company has been honoured with WQC International Star Award in Gold Category in Paris in the year 2001 for our high standard products. We make sure that all the components of our product range go through a series of quality checks to ensure that they meet the high standards stated in the company norms.

Corona Treater

Electrotech Industries is the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Corona Treater, Plasma Treater, Corona Discharge Equipment in India Electrotech Industries is capable of providing solutions for any kind of corona treating problem for plastic films, different varieties of complex laminates and metalized films. We produce corona treatment equipment in the range of 1 kw to 10 kw for web widths of 3000 mm. Electrotech Industries have installed many corona treatment machine on extrusion coating plant ,where paper has to be treated before coating for better bonding. We have installed many corona discharge treatment on woven sacks roll to roll online flexo printing machine for speed upto 100 meter/minute


Plastic is a man-made synthetic material, which contains long homogeneous molecular chains that form a strong and uniform product. The chains of molecules are normally joined end to end forming even longer chains, leaving only a few open chain ends, thus providing only a small amount of bonding points at the surface. The small amount of bonding points cause the low adhesion and wettability, which is a problem in converting processes. During corona discharge treatment, electrons are accelerated into the surface of the plastic causing the long chains to rupture, producing a multiplicity of open ends and free valences are formed. The ozone from the electrical discharge creates an oxygenation, which in turn forms new carbonyl groups with a higher surface energy. The result is an improvement of the chemical connection (dyn/cm) between the molecules in the plastic and the applied media/liquid. This surface treatment will not reduce or change the strength. Neither will it change the appearance of the material. The Corona only changes the top molecule chains, which is 0.00001 micron thick. Electrotech Industries is the leader manufacturer in Corona Treatment system in Chennai and all over India.

We have solution for almost all types of corona treatment application like

  • Corona Treater for monolayer blown film Plant
  • Corona Treater for multilayer blown film Plant
  • Corona treatment for woven sacks Flex printing machine
  • Corona treatment machine for Extrusion Coating plant
  • Corona treatment machine for Extrusion Lamination plant
  • Sheet fed corona treatment for Polyester/Bopp sheet
  • Corona treating for aluminium foil and plastic film
  • 3D corona treatment for 3 dimensional plastic product
  • Plasma treatment for carton folding application
  • Corona treatment for wire and cable
  • Board and Foam Corona Treater
  • Corona Treatment of 3D Parts
  • Corona Treatment of Syringes
  • Laboratory Corona Treater
  • Narrow Web and Label Corona Treating
  • Plasma Surface Treatment
  • Surface Treatment of Cables
  • Surface Treatment of Extruded Profiles
  • Surface Treatment of Needle Hubs
  • Surface Treatment of Pipes